QiGong: Moving Meditation

A Qigong Moving Meditation class includes gentle movement, breath practices, visualization, and meditation. Most movements are done standing though they can also be done sitting. Based in Golden Eagle QiGong, Integral QiGong, Iron Shirt QiGong, Tai Chi, and yoga, Moving Meditation classes are half-hour to one-hour classes that can be experienced indoors or outdoors and require no special equipment or facilities.

Moving Meditation helps participants slow down and unwind while circulating energy and building vitality. We practice together to let go of the Fight, Flight or Fright mode and shift our nervous system to the Rest and Restore mode through deep breathing, mindful movement, meditation, and visualization.

Moving Meditation is offered as single or series of classes, or as a part of your retreat, staff training, organizational visioning, conference session or workshop. If you’d like to learn more about these classes, visit our sister site, goldeneagleqigong.com, or send us an email at goldeneagleqigong@gmail.com.

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